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Terms & Conditions

1. Due the current world wide supply shortages, all prices quoted are subject to change. If there is an increase in material costs prior to installation we will contact you with a revised quotation for you to consider.

2. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure all work areas that need to be accessed as part of the works are cleared to allow full access to all work areas. Failure to do so will result in additional quarterly hour charges. £20/15m.

3. The power to your property will need to be switched off as part of the works, the engineer will arrange a suitable time with you upon arrival to minimise disruption. Any delays caused to the works due to power being unable to be isolated will result in quarterly hour charges. £20/15m.

4. The Wooldale Electrical Company Limited recommended having a Surge Protective Device (SPD) installed to protect your EV Charger. If you choose not to have an SPD fitted The Wooldale Electrical Company Limited are in no way responsible for any damage caused to your EV Charger by any transient overvoltage. An SPD can be installed for £45.00 ex VAT. If an SPD is required please request this prior to installation. 3-Phase SPDs are priced on application.

5. Extreme weather conditions such as snow, ice or heavy rain may result in your installation being postponed.

6. OZEV Grant subject to meeting government set criteria. See OZEV website for details.

7. The bonding conductors that connect your gas and water supply pipes must be in place and meet current regulations. Any additional work required to bring the conductors up to current regulations is not included as part of the quoted works. Your EV charger can not be commissioned unless your bonding conductors meet current regulations.

8. If your chosen charger requires a WIFI connection it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that at least two bars of WIFI signal are shown at the location of the charger. Please note, if WIFI is inadequate on the day of installation, any return visits will incur a charge of £80.00 plus vat. If you are unsure please contact us prior to your confirmation of booking.

9. If you are having a Zappi installed there are very rare occasions where the Radio Frequency signal between the ZAPPI and the HARVI can not be established due to thick walls etc. In these cases the installation of a data cable may need to be run in to extend the range of the HARVI. These works are in addition to the quoted sum. The Zappi connection will be tested straight away if we feel this may be
an issue and raised before commencement of works.

10. All materials arising from the installation (cardboard boxes, cable cuttings etc) remain the property of the customer and will be segregated for recycling or landfill ready for the customer to dispose of.

11. Retention of title provision. Title in materials remains with The Wooldale Electrical Company Limited until all monies are settled.

12. If you wish to cancel your installation you must give us a minimum of five working days notice (excludes bank holidays). Any late cancellations will incur a cancellation fee of £200.00 plus VAT.

13. Any unforeseen nonconformity to wiring regs in relation to your existing electrical installation are not included as part
of the quoted works.

14. Your warranty is solely with the manufacturer, any warranty queries must be directed to them.

15. Your statutory rights are not affected.

16. LOOPED SUPPLIES – We will endeavour to ensure looped supplies are identified prior to installation, However if your property has a previously undetected looped supply your installation will need to be postponed and will require permission from UK Power Networks prior to installation. You can check if you have a looped supply by contacting UK Power Networks on 0800 31 63 105.

17. VOLTAGE – All EV Chargers are designed to operate within a voltage range of between 216.2v and 253.0v if the supply voltage to your property falls outside of these limits your EV charger will not function correctly. Voltage is variable. If your installation falls outside of the voltage range you would need to contact UK Power Networks to resolve the issue. The Wooldale Electrical Company Limited are in no way responsible and can not deal with UK Power Networks on the customers behalf to resolve supply voltage issues.